The Melbourne F…

The Melbourne Fringe festival is over, i wonder who broke even, who lost money, whose show will continue and what shows will never be seen again.  Circus featured on my to see list and while I was delighted by the skills enthusiasm and love that I saw on stage it was form and structure that I missed.  I saw a lot of inoffensive, energetic, playful circus some with great costumes but overall without challenging the artform and with what I can only describe as  poor, unadventurous choices of  music. Is it possible that a circus can have a structure that does not rely on the music?  Don’t get me wrong, music is a wonderful art form, it is just over privileged in the making of most circus shows rendering them  subservient to it.


About Debra Batton

Debra is a highly revered independent artist working across multiple art forms. As a performer and a director, Debra is interested in experiments with theatrical form and mining her life experience, often subverting common philosophies in search of a more human performance.

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